Dart image and video upload

Last updated: Feb-02-2023

When using the Dart SDK, you can upload files to Cloudinary by making a direct call to the upload endpoint of the Upload API. See Uploading with a direct call to the REST API for more information about how to code unsigned and signed uploads.

Unsigned upload

Unsigned upload is an option for performing upload directly from a browser or mobile application with no authentication signature, and without going through your servers at all.

The upload endpoint is https://api.cloudinary.com/v1_1/<CLOUD_NAME>/upload. To use the endpoint in your application, write a function that calls the Cloudinary upload endpoint and pass:

For example:

Signed upload

To perform an authenticated request, you need to call a server-side component to generate a signature using your API secret. For more information on generating authenticated signatures, see Generating authentication signatures.

After obtaining the signature and timestamp from your server, you can use similar code to the above unauthenticated example by adding the signature and timestamp parameters to your API call. For more information, see Uploading with a direct call to the rest API.

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