Platform integrations tutorials

Last updated: Aug-25-2022

This page offers a library of short video tutorials introducing you to Cloudinary's integrations with various platforms.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe CC Connector Overview
Integrate your Media Library with Photoshop, Illustrator and more

SAP Commerce

SAP Commerce Extension
Create rich media experiences on your storefront

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Site Cartridge

SFCC Site Cartridge
Introduction to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud site cartridge
SFCC Site Cartridge
Install and configure the SFCC site cartridge
SFCC Site Cartridge
SFCC site cartridge modes of operation
SFCC Site Cartridge
Use videos in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud site cartridge

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Page Designer Cartridge

SFCC Page Designer Cartridge
Integrate the SFCC Page Designer cartridge

Salesforce Marketing Cloud App

SFMC App - Image Block
Learn how to use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud app
SFMC App - Video to GIF Block
Learn how to embed videos as GIFs into email campaigns

Shopify App

Shopify App
Integrate Cloudinary and Shopify using the custom app

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