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Automatically Translating Videos for an International Audience

No matter your business focus—public service, B2B integration, recruitment—multimedia, in particular video, is remarkably effective in communicating with the audience. Before, making video accessible to diverse viewers involved tasks galore, such as eliciting the service of production studios to manually dub, transcribe, and add subtitles. Those operations were costly and slow, especially for globally destined content.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition by Managing Digital Media With Technology and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, the so-called metaverse—it can be tough to keep tabs on the development of technologies. In particular, for businesses or brands characterized by highly visual experiences—retail, entertainment, travel and hospitality, and so forth—identifying which technologies to prioritize is challenging.

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Customer-First Now Means Media-First

As online interactions multiply exponentially, visual media has become the most significant venue for delivering the benefits of what used to be in-person contacts. With this in mind, companies have completely shifted their digital strategies for consumer experiences, taking a media-first approach in how they interact and engage.

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Automate Photo-Background Removal With AI

These days, e-commerce websites are trending clean and sleek, almost always spotlighting high-quality product photos with a flat-white, solid-color, or transparent background. Many practical and well-validated reasons support this choice, making it clear that this is no passing fad. This graphic illustrates a few of them:

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How to Automatically Generate alt Text for Images

Images and videos are critical for ensuring user engagement on the web. For instance, on a retail website, images of a product from different angles or a 360-degree video of the product can lead to higher conversion rates. For a news website, users are more likely to read articles with visual media accompanying the content. It has been reported that posts that include images produce a 650-percent higher user-engagement rate than text-only posts.

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Create Passport Size Photos Automatically

Individuals and organizations constantly face a plethora of passport-related issues, ranging from identity theft to impersonations and other vices. As an individual, you could be denied a job or visa just because of a minor noncompliance with the complex requirements for your passport photo. To avoid falling victim to such situations, you need an elaborate measure that ensures that your passport photo meets those requirements without fail.

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